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Wireless Headset BOOM.

wireless gaming headsets

The world is going crazy for wireless. With the maturity of bluetooth technology, more and more people are going wireless with their devices. Just yesterday Apple announced the removal of the headphone jack from their enormously popular smartphone, the iPhone 7. From earbuds, to headphones, to wireless gaming headsets, to wireless bluetooth speakers, the wireless sound revolution is ON.

wireless gaming headsetsEntrepreneurs in Asheville have just launched – a hub and portal for all things wireless headsets, mostly centered around the gaming community. They are compiling reviews and information about the top gaming headsets in the industry and providing consumers with great information, data and reviews that will be helpful in the decision making process before an expensive purchase is made.

They plan to stay on top of the gaming industry and keep a close watch on the latest bluetooth wireless headsets that are available for gamers and to provide valuable insight so that gamers can determine which device will be most suited for their style of play, their preference and priorities. They will review various characteristics of these gaming headsets like comfort, ease of setup and use, design and look, the technology itself, sound quality, lag, and overall user experience.

Gaming Egg will be a welcome addition to the Asheville entrepreneurial community as they seek to be an all encompassing information hub for the gaming community online.


Asheville Jewelry Artist on Display

Hands down, the best jewelry artist in Asheville, Julie Merrill, has her work showcased in various galleries around town. Just recently her work was put on display at the John C Campbell Folk Art School in a special public gallery dedicated to Appalachia folk art.

141120-Merrill-Julie-8956-mcf-1024x680JL Merrill Metalworks focuses on mixed metal art and jewelry, using a mix of argentium silver, copper, bronze, steel, and more. Her work has been inspired by her own personal spirituality and experiences, as well as world travel, including 4 trips to Africa where Julie had a chance to study dance, herbology, culture, arts, and more.

Julie Merrill’s work can usually be found at the Woolworth Walk Gallery in downtown Asheville, the Biltmore Village Southern Highland Craft Guild gallery, on the Biltmore Estate itself in the hotel gallery, Seven Sister’s Gallery in Black Mountain and more. You can also find Julie setting up at various art festivals around Asheville, Knoxville, Nashville, Atlanta and more. You check out her events page on her website at




The Resilience Coach

Amy Kosh landed in Asheville, NC in early 2016, and instantly made herself at home, as the area’s best life coach. She has worked for many different companies and in many different parts of the world before finding her own personal journey that led her to the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She is called The Resilience Coach because she helps people rebound from difficult life circumstances, and access the gifts and personal strength and internal answers that they have always had within them.

As a life coach in Asheville, she is able to meet some clients locally, but is also available for phone and skype calls which means her clients are global, not just in Asheville, NC.

The brand she uses is An Unstoppable Life and you can find a lot of great information, resources and blog articles.

Amy provides a free discovery session for those who are a good fit for her coaching programs. You can contact her online with a simple form to get in touch about setting that up and determining if you are a good fit for life coaching with Amy.

If you are in a position in your life where you feel like you’ve simply lost your step or are having a difficult time rebounding after traumatic, stressful or challenging circumstances, working with the Resilience Coach might be a fantastic way for you to find your way back to feeling alive, productive, clear and successful in your life.

A Marketing Agency Like No Other

Asheville website design

With all of the amazing startups, innovation and great small business culture that you’ll find in Western North Carolina, there is a go to marketing agency that stands out above the rest. The reason TRIBE.LY stands out is because they are not just a web design company, nor a branding company, nor a traditional marketing and advertising agency. They are business growth specialists with specific emphasis on all aspects of Internet marketing and lead generation. And yes, if you need Asheville web design, they are absolutely the best you will find. But beyond website design, they will help you to strategize and consider all aspects of what it will take to increase the number of visitors to your site, maximize the conversion of visitors into leads, and even help you with your sales and marketing funnel so you can turn more leads into buyers which obviously will boost your bottom line sales, revenue and profitability.

Asheville website designOne of the greatest opportunities for a high return on your marketing dollars spent is with search engine optimization. TRIBE.LY has worked with national brands to help drive targeted traffic for e-commerce and lead generation. They have used the ever changing, yet always lucrative Google search engine traffic to drive results for their customers. By optimizing a website and focusing on the right tasks off page to help raise the authority of a website, they are able to take a website that is buried in the search results for their targeted keywords and help elevate them for a much more visible position on page 1, sometimes even the #1 spot, which will significantly increase the visitors that are looking for what they do.

For more information on their innovative approaches and to find out how they will be able to grow your business, check our their website and fill out their discovery form here: