The Resilience Coach

Amy Kosh landed in Asheville, NC in early 2016, and instantly made herself at home, as the area’s best life coach. She has worked for many different companies and in many different parts of the world before finding her own personal journey that led her to the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She is called The Resilience Coach because she helps people rebound from difficult life circumstances, and access the gifts and personal strength and internal answers that they have always had within them.

As a life coach in Asheville, she is able to meet some clients locally, but is also available for phone and skype calls which means her clients are global, not just in Asheville, NC.

The brand she uses is An Unstoppable Life and you can find a lot of great information, resources and blog articles.

Amy provides a free discovery session for those who are a good fit for her coaching programs. You can contact her online with a simple form to get in touch about setting that up and determining if you are a good fit for life coaching with Amy.

If you are in a position in your life where you feel like you’ve simply lost your step or are having a difficult time rebounding after traumatic, stressful or challenging circumstances, working with the Resilience Coach might be a fantastic way for you to find your way back to feeling alive, productive, clear and successful in your life.