Wireless Headset BOOM.

wireless gaming headsets

The world is going crazy for wireless. With the maturity of bluetooth technology, more and more people are going wireless with their devices. Just yesterday Apple announced the removal of the headphone jack from their enormously popular smartphone, the iPhone 7. From earbuds, to headphones, to wireless gaming headsets, to wireless bluetooth speakers, the wireless sound revolution is ON.

wireless gaming headsetsEntrepreneurs in Asheville have just launched http://gamingegg.com – a hub and portal for all things wireless headsets, mostly centered around the gaming community. They are compiling reviews and information about the top gaming headsets in the industry and providing consumers with great information, data and reviews that will be helpful in the decision making process before an expensive purchase is made.

They plan to stay on top of the gaming industry and keep a close watch on the latest bluetooth wireless headsets that are available for gamers and to provide valuable insight so that gamers can determine which device will be most suited for their style of play, their preference and priorities. They will review various characteristics of these gaming headsets like comfort, ease of setup and use, design and look, the technology itself, sound quality, lag, and overall user experience.

Gaming Egg will be a welcome addition to the Asheville entrepreneurial community as they seek to be an all encompassing information hub for the gaming community online.