Pension Walser Birnbaum, Wals-Siezenheim, Austria

The new candles that we are offering in our guest suites are proudly offered by Tao Essential Oils, a global essential oils company that specializes in the highest purity oils. From single oils to blends, the distinguished quality that comes from Tao is absolutely noticed from the first time you smell their oils. The candles used in our rooms are full of the essential oils based with a soy candle, and they smell absolutely delightful.

Bed and Breakfasts around the world have always had shared spaces such as a fireplace room, or library or lounge area where guests can come together and share with each other, get to know each other, and just enjoy some time socially over coffee or drinks.

Interestingly, many of these shared spaces have become meeting area when corporate customers rent out the entire bed and breakfast inn for a team building event or a special meeting.

One of the trends we’ve been watching and have lately participated in ourselves, is providing whiteboard brainstorming space in these common areas. But since the bed and breakfast environment is very traditional, quaint, and owners like us are most interested in maintaining a beautiful look and design that is consistent, we certainly don’t want to bring in obstrusive office-y looking objects like dry erase boards — they’re bulky and ugly!

So, we did some research and found this incredible product called whiteboard paint. What’s really amazing about this product is we can keep the color on the walls, just the way we like it, and simply apply a clear coat over top to turn the wall or table into a dry erase surface. Brilliant!

Now our guests can walk into the shared room and not even know the walls surrounding them are a dry erase board. They are delighted when we hand them a pack of expo dry erase markers and tell them to write on the walls. Its a delightful and fun surprise that they enjoy. Many times people like to sign their names, dates and leave an inspiring message on the wall, but other times our corporate clients will use the wall space to hold meetings, collaborate and brainstorm together.

While it certainly sounds a bit outside the box and out of the ordinary for a traditional bed and breakfast like our own, it’s exciting for us to bridge a gap between a modern convenience and amenity and a traditional and beautiful bed and breakfast inn that we maintain and take pleasure in owning and serving our guests in.

If you are in the market for whiteboard paint for your bed and breakfast inn, or hotel, or business or school, check out the following resources:

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